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Boost your child’s confidence through our mock exams that are close to the actual test

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Set your child up for success by enrolling them in our 11+ Plus Tuition to enhance their chances at the 11+ Plus exams.

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Motivate your child to pass the 11+ Plus Exams by taking him or her to a grammar school’s open day.

Why Choose 11 Plus Exam Mock Tests?

Our mock tests are an important part of the 11 plus exam preparation process. Our papers meet and surpass the industry standard as they are written by 11+ experts with many years experience and have been tested  on past students preparing for the 11+ test, and found to be at the right level. The 11+ syllabus comprise of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning, our test cover a range of topics across these four elements, and the tests are carried out under restricted time intervals.  Experience has proven that sitting several mock tests improves students’ confidence and enhance their chances of passing the 11 plus test as a result of being exposed to the various elements that make up the 11 plus exams.

11+ Mock Exams

The 11 Plus Exam Mock Test CEM 11+ mock exam will include 2 x 45 minute papers, covering individual timed sections in English (Comprehension), Maths, Verbal Skills and Non-Verbal Reasoning. All 11plus questions will be multiple-choice style and children will be required to mark their answers on a separate answer sheet. Children will have space on the question booklet to complete any workings out. There will be a short break in between the two papers.

11+ Tutoring

Lots of practice at shuffled sentences is the key to success at this particular element of the CEM test. We find that children improve dramatically with lots of exposure to these question types.

Activities that are less directly related to the 11 Plus, such as word games played on the school run will help build up English skills as will trying to talk ‘just above’ your child’s vocabulary level at home, thereby having to explain the meanings.

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