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11 Plus Exam Mock Tests provides CEM Style 11+ Mock Examinations. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is even more important that no stone is left unturned in improving your child’s chance for success. The importance for students to do questions of challenging difficulty, whilst maintaining accuracy and speed cannot be underestimated. Our Mock exams are not only designed to simulate the ‘real’ examinations environment in every way possible, but also to build on your child’s confidence, which has shown to be an important factor to the 11 plus exam success.

Why choose 11 plus Mock Tests for Mock Exams

Mock tests are a crucial part of the 11 plus preparation process. Our papers are written by 11+ experts and are trialled on past students preparing for the 11+ test, to ensure they are the right level. The 11+ syllabus is broad, but on the day, the variety of questions is restricted by time. Our experience has shown that sitting four mock tests is ideal as it allows children to be tested on different areas of the syllabus. Each paper includes a variety of questions, testing verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning skills with at least one question type which children will not have come across before. This is the reality in the 11+, so it’s important for children to be prepared for every eventuality and our mocks help to do exactly this, by minimising on the day surprises.
Our Mock examination has demonstrated its ability to pinpoint weak areas of your child’s training and provides an excellent prediction of their ability to pass the real test.
• CEM Format Mock Exams
• Topics include: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths & Numeracy, Comprehension, Punctuation & Spellings, cloze test.
• Audio soundtrack test administration
• OMR Marking Process
• Standardisation of scores
• Build your child’s confidence and time management skills
• Identify strengths and weaknesses
• Comprehensive performance report produced
• Extensively researched papers (this is as closest it will get to the real paper!!)
• Receive a detailed breakdown of scores
• Gain a clear picture of your child’s 11+ ability
• Be able to identify their skills, knowledge and potential
• Be able to address their individual needs